Lindsey's Story

Placement: Photographer

A Chicago girl, studying fine arts in San Francisco, Lindsey thought some time in New Zealand would be cool. She wanted ‘green time’ and to gain skills in commercial photography, so we set up an extended programme with a commercial photographer and several conservation projects in different special parts of NZ. As it turned out she didn’t want to leave!

She writes about her many New Zealand adventures:
“I found being a part of this program a great way to travel to New Zealand and made it much more comfortable having contacts as soon as I stepped off the plane! I met friends from all over the world that I am still in contact with and plan to visit eventually. Volunteering for was hard work but fun and made me feel like I was giving something back to NZ rather than just taking. Working on the islands has offered some of the most beautiful scenery I will ever see.

It was great to live in such a small town and get to know everyone and see what the lifestyle was like there. Briar and fam was the greatest family that I could have been put with. We all became great friends and still keep in contact regularly. Very cool, and real people… my kind of people! And they offered me great support for the remainder of the time that I was in NZ.

Working with the photographer was awesome and offered a great view into commercial photography. I think it definitely made an impact because I have now changed my photography direction and am now doing commercial work as well. He offered a great contact and reference to have.”

Who Are We?

We’ve put a lot of thought into our service here at Kiwi-Internships over the years and we like to think that we have a special way of working that makes us stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to find out more about why we run things the way we do.

We have a strong belief that everyone is an individual, and that for something as important and potentially life-changing as an internship you need a service attuned to your individual needs.

We firmly believe in the value of experiential education. Getting actively involved in your chosen field is the best way of gaining practical skills and experience. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for you to ‘live’ your chosen occupational field and find out what it's all about. Rather than travelling passively as a tourist, you will be meeting New Zealanders, living in their homes, and joining them in work and play.

We are also committed to the idea that you have something to offer New Zealand. The hard work and good energy of international interns such as yourself can make a real difference to New Zealand businesses, and in a small way you will be acting as an ambassador for your home country and helping broaden cultural links.

Because we are dedicated to this idea that internships have a positive social impact (both for you and New Zealand), and also because a significant portion of the money raised through Kiwi-Internships goes back into restoration of the New Zealand ecology, we operate as a non-profit charitable foundation.

“Be the change you want in the World.”  ~ Gandhi

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