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Special Opportunities

In addition to our custom created placements, from time to time we also offer a selection of special opportunities.

Remember, if there is nothing on this page that suits you, we can find you a placement that will be exactly what you are looking for though our custom built internship opportunities.

Kiwi Conservation

You can be involved at a research and breeding facility for Kiwi birds. While Kiwi are New Zealandís most iconic and distinctive bird, they are also an endangered species. You will be providing a vital service in kiwi conservation: working at a hatchery and nursery, raising young birds and re-releasing them into the wild. Your role would be in daily care, hygiene, feeding, medical care, and more.

Your Kiwi Internship will give you a great advantage with potential employers or admissions for further education. Working with Kiwi birds has increased confidence and given a greater sense of purpose to past interns. All of our interns have gone home with a greater understanding of environmental responsibility, while some have continued on in bird husbandry.

If you were thinking about going abroad for your internship, New Zealand is an excellent place for your international work experience, with amazing scenery (straight out of the Lord of the Rings films!), a mild year-round climate, and overwhelmingly friendly locals. Youíll be right in the middle of it all, working with Kiwi birds, surrounded by great recreation opportunities and learning about the local flora and fauna.

Our Internship programmes are open to all interested students, graduates, and professionals. This placement opens up as early as September. Please contact us at to learn more.

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