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Amber's Story

Placement: Environment Policy Planner

Coming from New York State, Amber completed a 6-week internship. She assisted with work on a major public consultation program - Project Watershed. Project Watershed aims to develop a new funding policy to pay for important soils conservation, river management, and flood protection in the greater catchment of the Waikato River.

Amber contributed to both office and field work, including development of a submission report dealing with the annual plan, participation at the agricultural field days, inspection of local watersheds, and attendance to political agenda meetings.

Amber wrote:
“The most enjoyable experience was the fieldwork and the opportunity to stay at a Marae [Maori traditional village]. I spent one or two days a week in the field. I spoke to local dairy farmers on specific environmental issues, discussed funding for the a major public Walkway, volunteered at large agricultural field days, completed monthly water quality monitoring, and analysed damage caused by flooding.

Working for [this organisation] allowed me to have the "real life" experience. The staff were great and showed me a government/scientific perspective of the New Zealand environment. I am interested in water management and focusing my work on this project gave a huge boost to my education. I attended many meetings, which allowed me to view how the council operates. I learned each of the committee's roles, type of discussion involved, and what actually needed to be completed for a change to occur in the "annual" plan. This was an excellent inside view to the policy making field. These experiences will definitely help me with future job placements. Also, having the opportunity to get know and travel in New Zealand opens my cultural viewpoint.

I enjoyed everything and New Zealand is wonderful!”

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