Joey and Todd's Story

Placement: Ecological Sanctuary Helpers

The “Botany Boys” from Seattle were two young guys seeking a break from civilization and some “serious green time”. Joey and Todd worked together for three months, staying at a wilderness sanctuary. They got dirty making adobe bricks, exploring goldmines, planting trees, building bonfires, camping, swimming under waterfalls, and making paths to protect the rainforest.

Joey’s father wrote:
“Joey had the time of his life, and expresses only the greatest fondness for you. We feel blessed for the opportunity Joey had. Joey's experience will help to mould his outlook toward the future --- which he sees as very positive and exciting. He hopes to get back there again.”

And a second communication:
“Just heard from Joe that he's been nominated for the National Honor Society which is an academic accomplishment for high school students in the US. He's doing great in school. His New Zealand experience helped to round him out even more. I’m very grateful for the impact you and your program had on Joey's life.”

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of companies are involved in your program?
We have sent up placements with everything from small family businesses to large corporations, in everything from small seaside towns to large cities - it really does depend entirely on the nature of the placement. Because all our placements are custom built for each intern to their specifications, we rarely set up placements in the same company twice. It's not a case of us having a stable of pre-selected opportunities, we will find the right New Zealand company for each individual that we work with.


Can you organise placements for longer or shorter periods than you indicate on your price guide?
Yes, the prices and timeframes quoted are just to give you an indication. We can definitely create placement opportunities for longer or shorter durations.


Can you tell me if I am eligible for a scholarship?
We are able to offer some scholarships on a case by case basis (we are only able to offer a limited amount per year), with up to 50% off the total fees. We need to discuss the possibility of you receiving such a scholarship in our phone consultation as your eligibility depends on a number of factors that we would need to discuss with you.


How long do you need to organise an internship?
Generally speaking, the more notice you give us the better, as this will enable us to explore more options. However, we have organised placements with as little as four weeks notice (although we usually ask for at least twelve weeks).


Why do you ask for a $50 registration fee?
We ask for the registration fee to cover our time and the expense of the phone consultation (which typically takes around thirty to forty minutes). We prioritise our work effort to our registered interns.


What is your cancellation policy?
The initial registration fee of $50 is non-refundable as it covers our time for the phone consultation. When we begin developing your placement we ask for a $500 development payment. This is fully refundable in the event that we do not manage the find a placement that matches your specifications, but is otherwise non-refundable. The remainder of the programme costs are 75% refundable in the event of cancellation as long as you inform us at least 30 days prior to the beginning of your placement (if you do not give us 30 days notice they are non-refundable).


Do I need a visa?
You can find a list of the countries that are automatically granted three month visitor visas on Immigration New Zealandís website here. If you are not a citizen of one of these countries then you will need to apply for a visa. Read about the application process here. We are happy to provide advice on applying for your Visitor's Visa when you become a client, but it is your responsibility to secure this visa prior to the beginning of your placement.


Can I get a paid internship?
While paid internships are possible, we cannot guarantee that we can find you one until we fully understand your circumstances. We would need to discuss this with you in our phone consultation. You would also need to a New Zealand work visa (see here). Limiting yourself to a paid placement considerably narrows the range of hosts that would be able to offer you a placement. Having said that, we have placed students in paid positions before.


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