Merry's Story

Placement: Equine Assistant

Merry was a high school student with a love of horses, seeking work experience as a change of scene. She also wanted to see a lot of New Zealand from a local perspective.

So we placed Merry with a National Equine Competitor who also breeds show horses for international sale.  Together they travelled around NZ on the national competition circuit, living out of a large “horse truck”. Merry experienced both the freedom of travel and the companionship of living with locals!  She then ended her programme by volunteering her energy to some live-in conservation projects.

Merry writes:

“I still feel amazing about the time that I spent in New Zealand.  I feel now, more than ever, that I might not feel so happy where I am now if I hadn't had the opportunity to get away beforehand. I loved every moment of it.  And I also loved going skydiving. I had felt that because I grew up in New York, I was seriously lacking in any type of practical knowledge, but I now feel that I understand what it is to actually do something. I would definitely recommend an internship in New Zealand, because it is the most beautiful country I have ever seen, and I wish that I could go back! I have definitely changed the way I view things, and the way I organize my time. And it doubtless made me way more independent.”

Welcome to! We have been providing custom built internships in New Zealand since 1999. Whether you are a student needing an internship placement as part of a university or college course, or you are taking a gap year or career break, we can create an internship experience for you, to give you the work experience you need.

Your Kiwi Internship will give you a great advantage with potential employers or admissions for further education. Increased confidence and greater sense of purpose are almost inevitable. Many of our students say that volunteer work and internships have changed their lives in numerous ways. Tangible benefits include monitored work experience for credit with home institutions and future employers, increased skills, knowledge, and new friends & networks. See what some of our former interns have to say about their Kiwi Internship here.

We are New Zealanders, based in NZ with extensive local knowledge. Read about us, and our philosophy of social and environmental sustainability here. Our network of contacts for host families, internship programmes and personal placements has developed over many years. Many of our students have acknowledged that they simply didn't have the time or knowledge to create the kind of experiences we can create for you! In fact, we're so confident of our ability to help you that we will refund 80% of your programme development fee if we fail to find you suitable placements.

We can find you an internship in almost any field you desire . In the past we have organised placements doing everything from teaching drama in a primary school to DJ’ing at a local radio station from restoring an old wooden sailing ship to co-ordinating tourist events. Here are some examples of areas we can arrange your internship for:

  • Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Medicine, Nursing, Dental
  • Accounting, Finance
  • Computing, Web & Graphic Design
  • Conservation Management
  • Legal, Law
  • Real Estate
  • Biology, Botany
  • Public Relations
  • Hospitality, Tourism
  • Trade Work e.g. Electrcian, Plumber
  • Architecture
  • Entertainment & Theatre
  • Social Work


If you don't see the area you were thinking about, don't worry, we can create many more opportunities. Get in touch to discuss what you are thinking of!

If you were thinking about going abroad for your internship, New Zealand is an excellent place for your international work experience, with amazing scenery (straight out of the Lord of the Rings films!), a mild year-round climate, and overwhelmingly friendly locals. Read more about what New Zealand can offer you here. We give our students the chance to experience New Zealand from a local perspective, tailored to your preferences, whether you'd like to be living it up in the city or experiencing 'the real' New Zealand in a small town, farm or wildlife sanctuary.

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